• MOLLE Rear Fender Organizer in Black
  • MOLLE Rear Fender Organizer in Silver
  • Smooth Rear Fender Organizer in Black
  • Smooth Rear Fender Organizer in Silver
  • Before Sharpline Aluminum Products Rear Fender Organizers
  • After Sharpline Aluminum Products Rear Fender Organizers

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Sharpline Metal Works - About Us

Sharpline Metal Works is a family owned company who not only make the products we sell, but also use the products we sell. That's right, we are gear heads who like making things to make our lives easier! We started as Sharpline Aluminum Products in 2014 with our Rear Fender Organizer for JK series Jeep Wranglers. After having great success and needing to expand the capabilities of our shop we decided to make products in other metals than aluminum which brought about the change in our company name. Our products are built around being easy to install and use and give you the performance you demand. Because we use our products you can be assured that they are tested to make sure you will be happy with your purchase and will give you years of satisfaction. If we are not happy with our products, we change them until we are or we don't sell them! We have also added on the ability to cost effectively make custom products to your specifications, just send us a sketch or CAD file and give us the opportunity to quote it for you! Our expanding line of products include items like decorative wall signs and Keurig K-Cup POD holders. We also offer personalized items like signs for your garage, your child's room, your business and desk top name plates. From custom made mounting brackets for your street car build to decorative inserts for half circle windows we have the abilities to make it a reality. If you don't find what you are looking for on our website please send us a message at SharplineUSA@gmail.com and see if we can dessign something for you. Our employees are hand picked and live the same lifestyle as we do and also use our products - we insist on it. This way we can insure that they feel the same way we do about the quality of our products and what we ship to you. All of our products are designed, manufactured and shipped at our facility in Pleasant Lake, Michigan so you are buying something that is truly made in America. Be confident on your purchase from Sharpline Metal Works, our products are satisfaction guaranteed because we have tested and used them to be sure you will be satisfied!