JK Series Smooth Rear Fender Organizer

$ 89.95

This is the Sharpline Metal Works exclusive Jeep® Wrangler JK and JKU rear fender organizer for 2007-2017 model years. The item you are viewing is the smooth version sold in a drivers/passenger side set and it is available in silver or black options. This is a high quality made in the USA products that will give you years of satisfaction. It is not a cheap plastic product, this Sharpline Metal Works organizer is made out of 5052 smooth aluminum that is .090 thick to handle the tough use that you and your Wrangler love to dish out!

These organizers make a perfect place for your gloves, a recovery strap, a couple of shackles and even a flashlight. You will be amazed at all of the stuff you can pack in one of these! Our rear fender organizer are even big enough to hold a full size day planner! What a perfect way to use the wasted space over the rear wheels with a wheel well storage bin. We only know that because one of our customers told us, we certainly are not the organizer type of people! The dimensions of the organizers are 14-1/2" long x 4-1/2" wide and are from 4" to 8-1/4" tall from back to front. They are narrow enough so they do not interfere with the rear seat in any way.

Our organizers are also available with MOLLE patterned slots so you can use many different MOLLE pouches and holders with them. Be sure to take a look at these before placing your order, with the addition of a few MOLLE bags and holders you can almost double the storage space of your organizer! One other great feature of the MOLLE bags is by being held on with a snap closure strap they can be easily removed and installed so you can take them with you need the contents while away from your rig. Just unsnap them and go!

Do you have a soft top or are running your Jeep® topless? Installation spacers are included with your order. We also keep in stock factory hard top bolts just in case you need those too. Click here to go to our hard top bolts page.

Don't have a T40 Torx wrench? We thought of that also, click here to add one to your order.

Please Note: Depending on the manufacturer of your soft top, these organizers may interfere with your top supports when folding your top down. In that situation you will only be able to use these organizers with your top up or with your top completely removed. These organizers will fit with no issues if you have a frame less soft top.


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