JK Series MOLLE Rear Fender Organizer

$ 69.95

The Sharpline Metal Works MOLLE Organizer for your Jeep® Wrangler JK series not only converts that space on top of the rear fenders into storage space but it also allows you to add MOLLE type gear to the outside to create even more storage space! This organizer fits the 2007-2017 JK and JKU models and is sold in a RH/LH set.

That's right, more storage space on both sides of your Jeep! By adding these wheel well storage bins you can start utilizing that wasted space! The dimensions of the organizers are 14-1/2" long x 4-1/2" wide and are from 4" to 8-1/4" tall from back to front. They are narrow enough so they do not interfere with the rear seat in any way.

By adding rows of oval holes spaced at intervals that match the MOLLE fastening system it allows you to add bags and holders to not only add storage space but you can easily remove the bags and take them with you.

By the way, these are not some cheap plastic junk. Our organizers are made out of .090 thick 5052 aluminum so they are made to last! If you have ever removed your hard top, you could have installed our organizers during the process without spending any additional time. When we tell you easy installation, we mean it. Just remove two of your existing hard top bolts and then re-install them with the rear fender organizer in place and you are done! We also carry a T40 wrench to use for installation if you don't have one available.

Do you have a soft top or are running your Jeep® topless? Installation spacers are included in the box and they are needed to be installed between the organizer and the body of the Jeep®. We also carry the bolts needed to secure a hard top just in case you need them too. Click here to go to our factory hard top bolts.

Please Note: Depending on the manufacturer of your soft top, these organizers may interfere with your top supports when folding your top down. In that situation you will only be able to use these organizers with your top up or with your top completely removed. These organizers will fit with no issues if you have a frameless soft top.


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