JK Series Organizer Spacers

$ 6.95

We know everyone isn't running a hard top on their Wrangler Unlimited and even those who do like to take their top off on those nice days during the summer. Because our rear fender organizer is designed to be used with a factory hard top we needed to come up with a way to mount them while using a soft top or when running topless(your Jeep that is!) so we came up with a spacer to solve the problem. We didn't want to have to design a completely different organizer for use without a hard top because we didn't want you to have to buy a whole new set just because you changed your top for the summer.

This is the spacer needed to use the Sharpline Aluminum Products organizers on JKU series Wranglers when using a soft top or running topless. Please note: spacers are included with you purchase of new organizers from Sharpline Aluminum Products, you will only need these as replacements if you have lost the original set. The spacers are sold in either a 2 or 4 piece set(two are required for each organizer installed) and are required to fill in the thickness of the hard top to have your organizers fit properly. These spacers are made out of black Delrin(A type of plastic) so they will not rust or corrode. We did our best to come up with a solution that looks great and performs well.

Don't forget that we offer the T40 Torx wrench needed to remove your hard top bolts or just to install the bolts with a soft top while you are installing the organizers.

Click here to go to the T40 Torx wrench page.

Please Note: Depending on the manufacturer of your soft top, these organizers may interfere with your top supports when folding your top down. In that situation you will only be able to use these organizers with your top up or with your top completely removed. These organizers will fit with no issues if you have a frameless soft top.