T40 Torx Wrench

$ 7.95

Want to install a set of Sharpline Aluminum Products organizers in your Jeep® but don't have a Torx T40 wrench to remove the bolts? We know that not everyone has a huge tool box full of tools and can take out every bolt known to man. Why those engineers at Mopar decided to use a Torx bolt instead some other more commonly used fastener is beyond us. But, this is why we decided to help you out the best that we can. We know this isn't a fancy socket or a driver that fits in your cordless drill but it will get the job done.

So add one of these to your cart and you will be good to go when your package arrives! That's right, if your Wrangler Unlimited has a hard top and you get on of these wrenches along with 5 minutes tops you will have everything you need to install your organizers, period.

This is a Torx T40 long arm "L" key wrench that will allow you to remove the bolts holding on your hard top so you can add your organizer and re-install your hard top bolts.

Did your wrangler Unlimited come with a soft top and you don't have any hard top bolts? We thought of that also, click here to get some! If you have a soft top or are topless, be sure to get your spacers to install your rear fender organizers here.

Just so you know, if you purchase a T40 L wrench with your rear fender organizer it ships for free! That's right, by adding a T40 L wrench to your order it will not increase the shipping cost!